Interview for Stereo Stickman Blog

The guys of the Indie Music Blog asked me some questions for this interview. Enjoy reading. 🙂


Tapes Of Möseln #6

In addition to my Album “Zehn” I have just recorded a new live act. You can download it for free on soundcloud. Have fun with it and keep the faith.


Matthias Speck – Zehn (Gratwanderung Musik #2)

Within the last 5 years I have recorded a lot of new tracks and so I decided that it would be the right time to release my first album now. It hasn´t been easy to select the best suitable tracks for the album. I decided to choose tracks of mine that differ quite strongly. The intention was to show the whole range of my music. Basically I want to bring elements of classical music together with “the old aunt Techno”. 🙂 You can get the album at KANN recordstore Leipzig and OYE records Berlin. It is also available as download on itunes: Matthias Speck – “Zehn” on itunes . Enjoy.

Juno6 / Matthias Speck – Gratwanderung Musik #1

The First release of Gratwanderung Musik, the music label of our beloved Gratwanderung Festival is a split EP by Juno6 (Freude Am Tanzen) and me. You can get it on vinyl at your favourite record dealer or as download on itunes or any digital download store you like. You can read a short review (German only) on